Writing soothes the soul.

I say what I feel, when I feel it. Because honestly if I don't, I would probably get more insane than I already am. Expressing my thoughts as they come to my mind is the only way that I can survive in this cold world. Sometimes I may say repulsive things, that is just the way I work. I like to be blunt, sue me. But whatevs, this is me.
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List of things I want from Urban ^_^

I love this, it’s actual vintage army camos. 
And I really like the whole baggy/oversize style.

Size: One Size

Saw this the other day at the store, not sure how it would be.
It looks kind of stiff here, but it’s cute. 

Size: Small

I guess that’s pretty much it. LOL Need to start dressing warm

Thanks Cassandra ^_^ (Photo by nguyenann_lisa)

Patron (Photo by nguyenann_lisa)

Aftermath (Photo by nguyenann_lisa)

Redbox is a bootlegger. Lmao (Photo by nguyenann_lisa)

Got charged $2 more -.- Oh well salad:) (Photo by nguyenann_lisa)